Cutting one’s umbilical cord

June 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is an era of theory-making, I once told my friend. The world is changing fast and old ideas are beginning to bore us to death. Many concepts which we hold sacred are now being threatened with extinction. You may believe there is a God now, but tomorrow may find you looking for saints.

In a flux-filled world, one finds that something new always happen. We may have been using gasoline now and Honda just unveiled a car that runs on water. There’s also a car that runs in air and probably, in the next few years, we may yet find cars that run on miniscule particles of matter. Or we may not need cars at all since we can now transport ourselves by just using our minds.

With science breaking the curtains of ignorance, discovering laws hitherto unknown and therefore marvelled at, such wonders of the physical universe may just be a few years away. Such is the case that we must cut our umbilical cords and entertain the idea that rebellion makes the world a better place.


Hello world!

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