Pinoy Film Mavericks

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Make us all proud guys!

Make us all proud guys!

Pinoy film makers are one of the best in the world. In fact, many young film makers are rewriting film-making history by their creative works. Mavericks, they are, these young artists are making waves in the international front.


Sadly, not too many of us, know about them or their works of art.

Now, idealistic film-makers are uniting and coming up with a festival that will highlight the best films of Pinoy digital film artists.

.MOV (do-nov) – the first digital film festival in the country – is a week long festival that will showcase innovative films from independent filmmakers both from the local and international arena starting September 30 to October 4, 2008 at Robinsons Movieworld, Robinsons Galleria.

Digital Dekalogo 10×10

.Mov will have an exhibition of ten of the very best local and international independently produced digital features explained through ten local filmmakers with aims of mentoring the Filipino audience to appreciate world cinema with an expert’s eye and Filipino sensibilities.

The best visual digitals I ever saw

The best visual digitals I ever saw


Cineastes would look forward to is .MOV’s tribute to local filmmaking mavericks – Lav Diaz, Roxlee and Kidlat Tahimik – with a book, CD and DVD launch plus premiers of Melancholia, Green Rocking Chair, and Maikli at Tahimik.


A retrospective on the wild, wired, digital world of prominent movers in digital film making with this year’s theme of Extreme Cinema Wasakero that highlights films and filmmakers that challenge the norm with the themes of their movies.


The inaugural event will also have a program called Shorts.MOV, a showcase of the best digital short films in the world from two of the most prestigious international short film festivals, Clemont-Ferrand (France) and Oberhausen (Germany)


A short film competition for students and professionals that range from narrative, experimental, documentary, animation and music video. Finalists for the student category include: 123, Anomi, June 9, Kamatis, Kumot, Papelove, Pisi, Stop, Play and Pause, Ultra and Publico Makata. Finalists for the open category include: # Café, Ambulancia, Ampo, Andong, Libingan, Nekro, Saling  Pusa, The Prayer, Tiangge and VTR.

Film Concert.Mov

A special programming of rare, out-of-print Filipino classic films scored live by the country’s most recognized independent bands like Radioactive Sago Project, Pedicab, and Queso, will be featured with a digital twist that underscores the festival’s aim to showcase film’s ever changing language.

Cinemo: Young Artists Initiative

To develop a new breed of filmmakers to follow these legends’ footsteps, .MOV will have workshops led by world-renowned industry experts as well as a young critics’ initiative that focuses on teaching how to write about films by tackling a new wave of criticism, retrospection, and commentary on films to help artists to interface with the international community.

So The Creation of the first digital international film festival was rewritten, reedited and redirected and there was .Mov and the film gods saw that it was good.

.MOV is the first digital film festival in the Philippines. Dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of digital filmmaking, the festival spotlights the future of filmmaking with a dynamic line-up of film screenings, in-depth panel discussions and hands-on technology presentations. Sponsored by Filmless Films, Robinsons Movieworld, Swiftsure Group and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. For more information visit or email


Punish the bribe giver

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The Supreme Court yesterday punished members of the Court of Appeals who reportedly took part in the GSIS vs. Meralco case bribery scandal. CA Justice Vicente Roxas was fired for violating the Canons of Judicial Ethics while his colleague, Jose Sabio, was suspended for 3 months. Other members of the committee who handled the GSIS vs. Meralco case such as Justice Myrna Vidal and Justice Vazquez were merely reprimanded and admonished. Meanwhile, alleged bribe giver businessman De Veyra is to be charged with a crime by the DOJ. 

So all participants were meted just punishment? I think not.

The Supreme Court did not answer the basic question of the People–did Meralco really gave bribe money to these justices? How many justices got bribed? And why did they not punished Meralco if it did, indeed, allegedly gave bribe money to influence the justices that led to that favorable decision?

How much bribe money changed hands when this case was being heard? And with this tainted decision, should it be proper for the Supreme Court to overturn the favorable decision? There should be a review of the GSIS vs. Meralco case.

The SC decision stopped short in identifying the conduit but never really probed deep enough to really identify who among the Meralco organization coordinated with De Veyra in the alleged crime. I don’t believe that this businessman acted alone. It is quite improbable for somebody like him to fork out 30 million pesos just because “he has personal interest” in the case? Surely, being a big-time operator, De Veyra reports to a principal, which, has not been identified properly by the SC. 

Government should order the Department of Justice, particularly the NBI, to probe deeper into this scandal and identify the shadowy figures involved in this mess. These people should be punished.

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