October 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

Many economists are already saying that more than 250,000 Filipinos will probably lose their jobs due to the global recession. This doesn’t take into consideration the estimated 20-30,000 Pinoys abroad who’ll probably lose theirs and go back here because of the US financial meltdown. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have both said that this recession hasn’t even started yet, but we are feeling a terrible crunch already.

Having said that, it is good that we all work together to make this country of ours united and peaceful. Peace and order is one sure thing that would make our country a viable investment site. Economists are urging government to attract more capital infusions  abroad since the domestic economy cannot adequately satisfy the local capital markets. Despite efforts, net capital inflows continue to slide, and slide it will in the next few months not because of political instability. No.

The Philippines remains in the bottom rung of places to consider for investments because it has a corrupt, decrepit and patronage-based system. Foreigners are avoiding us like a plague because we have a government that Filipinos and foreigners hate alike. Why? Because corruption has already been institutionalized. Government has spent billions already fighting graft; but corrupt practices remain because it has been part of the informal policies of this administration.

Net—it is not political theatrics of has-beens that’s harming our country. It is the very government that’s the core problem. Everybody wants a charmed life in this little paradise of the Orient. Everybody’s united to survive this global malady that is afflicting each and every country in the world.

However, the one that’s supposed to lead the body politic is the one causing all these problems and making our country an embarrassment before the eyes of the international community. We deserve a government that is better than the present one. It is our right as a people to enjoy the blessings of democracy under a government that we trust. Unfortunately, we don’t have such a government. And 2010 or not, we must all unite to oust this government now.


If we don’t do it now, all our efforts at surviving this global financial sickness will all go to waste. The one reason why people are apparently showing disinterest is the fact that the Filipino People are waiting for new faces to lead them against Gloria.

Colleagues, these new faces exist! They are still here, waiting for the right time to unleash the People’s Justice against Gloria and her gang of evil misfits. There are still Filipinos who have the will, the heart and the spirit to make a better Philippines happen. If this impeachment complaint fail and I’m sure it will, it’s not the end of everything. No.

It will be the start of a New Morning for everyone. Darkness will surely be defeated in the end because that’s the fate that awaits those who oppress, kill and create injustice against their fellowmen. Let it be said here that Filipinos are not those maids being depicted by BBC. Filipinos are not those docile creatures populating an otherwise dark paradise in the Pacific.

Let the world know that, we Filipinos stood out against an immoral and evil regime, now, not in 2010. Let those who hold the torch still, stand up and forever be counted among the patheon of heroes.


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