Era of Plots and Counter-plots

November 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

As I am writing this, I received information that Gloria’s men are meeting in a secluded place in Malacanang and plotting for their next move. With the impeachment complaint squashed, the palace political operator is reportedly plotting to oust ex-Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. The ouster of JDV will be made in a political caucus by Lakas members. Former palace legal counsel Sergio Apostol is allegedly the one tasked to cut JDV’s head.

I think this plot will just be a counter-plot since it will just anticipate the expected bolt of the JDV-FVR faction in Lakas to coalesce with Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party and Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco’s Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC). Sources say there is already an understanding between FVR and Cojuangco while FVR’s group reportedly is almost close to talks with Villar’s. Meaning, Lakas is just trying to mitigate the effects of a formal split, since obviously, Malacanang, for the longest time, has been trying to marginalize both JDV and FVR.

A split within Lakas will definitely affect the strength and stability of the entire “rainbow coalition” at the House. It would impact particularly on KAMPI, since majority of its members are former Lakas stalwarts. If JDV and FVR succeeds in coalescing with Danding and Villar, the possibility of another party raid within Kampi-Lakas is huge given that JDV and FVR still commands respect among the old guards of Lakas. In practical terms, with Danding and Villar united, this sends a message to Congressmen that the gravy train has shifted from Gloria to again, the JDV-FVR tandem.

JDV’s marginalization will all be done immediately after the AFP attack on Camp Bushra of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Reports say, the AFP brass is preparing for an outright assault on Bushra this December. JDV’s ouster from Lakas will coincide with this military assault.

By the way, Joey de Venecia the Third, who I find to be a very serious Nationalist, sent me his statement stating his opinions on the killing of his impeachment complaint. This is what he has to say:

November 26, 2008

This is a sad day not only for us the complainants and the minority lawmakers, but more so for the Filipino people. Our right to take President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to task has again been taken away from us.
As our minority lawmakers have said repeatedly, this process is a way to let government show the transparency that the Constitution mandates.
The impeachment process is the proper and legal forum to let the people know what is happening and to allow the government and its officials to explain themselves.
It appears that the government would rather that the people take its grievances to the street than offer them a decent and legal forum.
The House Justice Committee might have stopped the impeachment complaint but I assure everyone that the Committee cannot stop us from airing our grievances and allegations in any and all other forums available to us.
We will bring this case straight to the people. We will go to them and talk to them. We will put out into the open what the government would rather keep under the cloak of darkness.
I give my utmost appreciation to all those who supported us in any way. I thank the Filipino people for their sentiments and their prayers.
We will not keep quiet. The fight in the halls of Congress may be over but the real fight for truth and justice goes on.


Mike Defensor’s Caper

August 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

Gloria’s bright-haired boy Mike Defensor is on a roll today. Yesterday, he bagged a US$ 150 MILLION contract to exploit the natural resources of Zambales. “Nothing irregular,” says the former student activist-turned-influence peddler-turned turncoat. ” I’m not in government anyway.”

He might be right, says Senator Francis “Cheez” Escudero, Mike’s long-time friend and compatriot in the pseudo “Spice Boys” of the 12th Congress. Yet, Cheez says, the people might not view this as something good, since it smacks of bad taste.

The Black and White Movement (BWM) already gave a thumbs-down to Defensor since days ago, he was the Task Force head of the opening of Naia 3. Nothing bad, again says Defensor. He resigned from that post before he signed this exploitation deal with the Chinks.

Well, I’m not surprised with the nonchalant way Mike answered this issue. Mike has lost whatever principles he had when he compromised himself with Gloria. For Gloria and her gang of evil men, there’s nothing wrong with something done within the bounds of the law. Mike did’nt violate any law, so quo vadis?

What escapes Mike’s mind is the fact these malicious things being thrown at him, among them, the insinuation that he bagged the contract because he’s Gloria’s man. Hey, nothing wrong with that either, I imagine Mike saying, this is just business. All business.

This is why Filipinos hate this administration so much. As what New Philippine Revolution wrote many entries ago, these men who governs with Gloria already lost that prime Filipino value of “hiya”. They already sold their souls to the highest bidder, that is, these Chinese. Mike and the rest of Gloria’s crew don’t care if they sell every mountain, every valley, every river, every stream, or even every Filipino for as long as it “does’nt violate any law”.

I can’t really blame Mike for doing what he did. Gloria’s a goner. She’s on the eve of her power. And she might lose it before 2010. So, Mike and the rest of the gang will stop at nothing to get themselves rich beyond measure.

Poor Filipinos! They are being sold by these guys to the Chinese and in the future, to the Americans and the Middle Easterners. Before, it’s just the Singaporeans and the Malaysians. 

Time to sharpen our shears. The time is ripe for the harvest.

Conversation at the Palace

July 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

When Herr Enchanted heard the arrest of Atty. Homobono Adaza, she immediately convened the National Security Council (NSC). This is a transcript of their conversation.

Herr Enchanted: ” O, nahuli daw si Bono?”

Security Adviser Bert Gon to Herr Enchanted: ” San? Di na ba siya nagcoconcert?”

Herr Enchanted: ” Hindi yun. Si Bono, Abono Adaza!”

Peace adviser Espy to Herr Enchanted: ” Ano po ma’am, abono? Dami ko na nga pong abono sa Mindanao lalo na nung eleksyon…di ba nanalo naman tayo? Ngayon, gusto nyo na naman akong mag-abono..”

Bert Gon to Espy: ” Hindi yun, bingi! Ang sabi ni Ma’am, si Adaza, nag-abono…ma’am kung abono gusto nio, kunin natin sa states si Joc-joc Bolante. Magaling bumili ng abono yun. Kitam, kumita pa!”

Herr Enchanted: ” Hay naku, kalimutan niyo na si Joc-Joc. Di na atin yun.”

(Sec. Ermita now enters the room.)

Herr Enchanted: ” O, E-S, me balita ka ba ke Bono?”

Sec Ermita: ” Nahuli na. Pinakasuhan natin dahil ayaw nilang tumigil eh.”

Espy to Ermita: ” Nag-abono ka din? Dami ko ngang inabono nung eleksyon, ala naman akong napala. Now, peace adviser lang ako! Pano na si misis? Di na siya makakapag-shopping!”

Herr Enchanted: ” Tumigil ka nga Espy! Baka marinig ka ng mga midya dyan!”

Espy to Herr Enchanted: ” Sabi nio kasi abono eh! Di ko na nga nabili ng boots mga sundalo dahil dyan sa abono-abono!”

Face Ermita.

Her Enchanted: ” Gawan niyo na ng way yan at gusto kong mag-golf sa Wack-Wack this Sunday. ”

Sec Ermita: ” Ma’am you havg nothing to worry about. Nag-iisip pa lang sila, me kaso na agad. Ganyan kami kabilis. Lam nyo namang bata natin yang si Verzosa…gustong maging chief PNP yan…”

Herr Enchanted: ” Pano si Barias?”

Sec Ermita: ” Naku ma’am, barya-barya lang makukuha natin sa kanya. Di tulad ni Verzosa!”

Herr Enchanted: ” Okey. You’re the boss. Sige, ikulong na yang si Bono, pati sina Cardeno para matuto. At least, hapi-hapi pa rin tayo sa palasyo.”

All rise: ” Yes ma’am!”



A conversation with GMA & Coast Guard

July 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

In a press conference attended by GMA, one kibitzer recently overheard the puny one lambast Coast Guard officials.

Enchanted Gloria: ” Why did you allow the Princess of the Stars to travel? Why?Why?Why?

Coast Guard to Enchanted Gloria: We thought you were on board Ma’am.”


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