Why do Filipinos hate Gloria and adore Erap

August 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

I had this wonderful conversation with a lady hostess last week. My friend and I was talking about the political shit we are in. When I mentioned “Erap”, the lady just suddenly blurted out something about the difference of Gloria and Erap.

” You know why I hate Gloria so much,” says the lady in between serving our favorite drink, iced tea.” It’s because during the time of Erap, he resigned when the people told him to. But, look at this Gloria..we’re all angry with her…we all hate her guts…we all want her to leave Malacanang..but she’s still there. There’s one word to it..kapalmuks!”

I later learned that she hails from Tondo Manila and until now, people there love the deposed president. To be honest, this is the first time I heard these things being said about Gloria by people who really belong to the impoverished classes. Yes, there was considerable disgust when Gloria’s name was mentioned as having dipped her cute little fingers in the ZTE money pot. But, this one, oh this one, seems different.

All of a sudden, people of all walks of life suddenly had a political stand regarding Gloria. They want her out, period. Whatever means, they’ll support it for as long as it involves ousting Gloria. This is as if people’s views about her has concretized to such a point as it only needs someone to push them or lead them and they’ll follow that one to hell if needs be only to throw this usurper out of the palace.

I suddenly realized this is now what we call a “revolutionary situation,” and it only needs one spark, one transformative event to make change happen.


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