Mar Roxas’ boo-boo

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Are you being funny or being presidential? You decide.

Are you being funny or being presidential? You decide.

I just can’t understand why Mar Roxas decided to stake his reputation by uttering that stupid war-mongering stunt lately. Roxas is an elected Senator. For him to say that against those who support the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral domain is beyond my comprehension.


Was it a desperate publicity-hugging statement? If that’s it, it failed. Roxas just got exposure from Manila Times. It was not even mentioned in the Inquirer, nor the Manila Bulletin.

Was it just to create awareness that he can be presidential? That one also failed and exploded in his face. That remark was not presidential–it was stupid. For him to dip his fingers in an emotionally-charged issue is utter stupidity.

Mar just lost millions of votes. And for what? For a mere 15 seconds of fame.

He should fire his publicist. That’s not the way to go.


Presidential Frenzy

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After Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo gave that a hint that she’s not running in 2010, a slew of newspaper reports went around town. And, folly of follies, reports telling the “exploits”, “views” of presidentiables such as Manny Villar, Loren Legarda, Cheez Escudero, Mar Roxas and Noli de Castro hugged some headlines (but not all). It seems that these people are really lusting for Arroyo’s post and this early, they are populating the info environment of their willingness to “serve the Filipino People”.

Well, this frenzy will soon fade when Congress goes full blast in the Bangsamoro issue. Yes Sheree! There’s still this thorny issue of the Bangsamoro-GRP pact that remains unresolved. And mind you, for this to work, government needs to amend the 1987 Constitution. 

Many say, this would pave the way for a change in the governance model, from presidential to parliamentary. And, with that change, expect Gloria to again run and win via landslide. Hey, many people within her government wants her to run again…and again…and again…like their poster Energizer bunny. 

Will this happen? Well, you bet your peso it will!

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