Mar Roxas’ boo-boo

August 9, 2008 § Leave a comment


Are you being funny or being presidential? You decide.

Are you being funny or being presidential? You decide.

I just can’t understand why Mar Roxas decided to stake his reputation by uttering that stupid war-mongering stunt lately. Roxas is an elected Senator. For him to say that against those who support the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral domain is beyond my comprehension.


Was it a desperate publicity-hugging statement? If that’s it, it failed. Roxas just got exposure from Manila Times. It was not even mentioned in the Inquirer, nor the Manila Bulletin.

Was it just to create awareness that he can be presidential? That one also failed and exploded in his face. That remark was not presidential–it was stupid. For him to dip his fingers in an emotionally-charged issue is utter stupidity.

Mar just lost millions of votes. And for what? For a mere 15 seconds of fame.

He should fire his publicist. That’s not the way to go.


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