Shell’s Stupidity

April 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Have’nt you noticed something? Shell just lowered their pump prices probably after seeing that not all big players followed suit. Diesel prices went up to 28 pesos plus during the weekend and it’ll remain about 26-27 by this week.

But, if you go to Cavite or Quezon City, you’ll find that diesel pump prices remain at the 23 plus to 24 pesos per liter. That’s about 2 to 3 pesos lower than Metro Manila prices.

And if you have’nt heard, Meralco just raised their electricity rates to about 75 cents. That’s more than 2 pesos within a span of a week. Is this the price we pay for PLDT’s incursion in Meralco? I mean, people, come on! Are we supposed to give back what Manny Pangilinan invested in that near bankrupt utility?

Government is quite insensitive about the people’s concerns. High electricity rates…higher gasoline pump prices and higher food stuffs. Government is really trying our patience! Government is really killing us with this. How¬†are we supposed to survive these exorbitant commodity prices?


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